Partner with Us

In delivery of NCS we work with a wide range of organisations from charity and community partners to activity centres and everything in between.

We have a number of opportunities to work with us:

Businesses and Individuals

A key aspect of NCS is giving young people the chance to design and deliver a project focused on a community issue they care about.
In the build up to this, a group of around 12 young people will often visit a local business to meet with professionals. This experience helps the young people prepare for their pitch, where they will present their idea to a panel of ‘Dragons’ in a bid to secure funding.

Host a professional visit

We are looking for organisations willing to host a visit from a group of young people from different backgrounds and give them a view of life at work. Many of them may never have visited a workplace like yours before. Opening up for a visit can help inspire our young people to aim higher,  whether in their school, their studies later on in life or in their careers in general.
This involves commitment of approximately one hour which will include:

  1. A tour of your office (if appropriate)
  2. A talk to give insight into the work you do, including daily tasks of employees
  3. Space where the team can discuss their social action project idea with you and receive feedback

Be a ‘Dragon’ on a funding panel

We want to hear from individuals willing to give up their time one afternoon to be a ‘dragon’ on the panel to provide constructive and encouraging feedback on the social action project that the young people pitch. Past dragons have included business leaders, police officers, Councillors, MPs, doctors – in short, anyone who plays a role in a community. This involves a commitment of around three to four hours on one day.

Charities and community organisations

In running our programmes we partner with a wide range of local charities and community organisations. This aims to help young people better understand their communities, tackle important issues and meaningfully help to meet local needs.
We are looking for community partners who can provide one or all of the following:

  • Host a skill-based session to foster interaction between members of the community who may not normally spend time with each other.
  • Support young people to raise sponsorship for your projects by meeting your staff and service users.
  • Facilitate days in which young people design a social action project with you that has a clear benefit to your organisation

If you would be interested in being part of our programme as described above please email

Long-Term Partnership

We support young people who graduate from NCS to stay involved in their communities and develop as individuals, building on the experiences and impact of the NCS programme.

NCS Graduates gain access to a variety of projects, events and other opportunities via the NCS Opportunity Hub and directly through The Challenge. We are keen to hear from organisations which offer opportunities to participate in social action such as volunteering, fundraising or campaigning.

There is a variety of ways in which we can work with national and regional organisations, as well as local community groups, to deliver meaningful activities. We are particularly interested in hearing from organisations operating in these areas: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Lancashire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Surrey, Warwickshire, West Midlands and West Yorkshire.

Contact us about long-term partnerships


Help us find venues
We are always on the lookout for great venues as we require a large number of day venues to deliver the programme for both one off days and block bookings. Specifications include:

  1. A large space for up to 80 people.
  2. 5x break out areas (either within a large enough main space, or separate rooms to accommodate up to 15 people each
  3. Indoor sports hall or outside sports field with toilet facilities.
  4. Showcase and pitch venues: halls that can include a stage and AV facilities where possible.
  5. Graduation venue: a grand hall for hundreds of young people with AV facilities.

Other types of venues are required for:

  • Graduate reunion events: a large hall for hundreds of young people with AV facilities plus break-out areas suitable for workshop activities.
  • Graduate group meetings: a room to accommodate for between 15 – 30 people, usually on a fortnightly / regular basis.