Parents & Guardians

NCS is an exciting, unique opportunity for 15* – 17 year olds

The programme is offered in London & Surrey, Greater Manchester, West Midlands and parts of Lancashire. For information about NCS programmes running outside of these areas click here.

The programme will help your child gain confidence and develop their abilities. Along the way, they'll strengthen some friendships, create new ones and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

"It was a valuable opportunity as it gave them experience of meeting and making friends with a diverse group of young people"  - Lindsey and Ted Hammond, Parents (Birmingham)

Our NCS programme offers:

☑ A way for young people to gain the skills they can’t master at school, including real world skills that employers and universities recognise and look for
☑ A fun, productive and inexpensive way to spend part of their summer holiday or half-term
☑ A supportive environment for your child to learn leadership, management, communication and organisational skills.

Did your child miss out on NCS previously?

If they are still 16 or 17 they can still take part. Young people do not have to be in education, training or employment to take part.
Find out the next programme dates.

*15-year-olds must be in Y11 to take part.