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Hear From NCS Graduate Olivia

Tell us about your experience on NCS

NCS Story OliviaIt was an incredible opportunity to meet new people from completely different backgrounds to myself, all eager to become friends and work together.

Although each of the three sections of NCS were enjoyable, I have to say, my favourite part was the first week, which was the activity week. I didn’t have to worry about meeting new people as everyone was so friendly and our team got on so well. We were given the opportunity to really challenge ourselves physically by doing a trek that included wild camping; rock face climbing and abseiling.

What was the best bit for you?

One of the most memorable moments of my NCS experience was during week two, where we all learnt a particular skill. My chosen skill was photography so my group visited an ex-offenders home to put our newly acquired photography into practice by visually capturing the stories of these ex-offenders over a cup of tea and biscuits!

What have you been up to since NCS?

Since graduating NCS in October 2014, I became involved in Young Enterprise through my school. Young Enterprise gave me the chance to set up a company and compete against other young budding entrepreneurs with similar interests to myself. From NCS, I learnt the importance of inspiring others to live in a more adventurous way so really focussed on including this element of social responsibility into my product. As well as this, I really wanted to focus on it being environmentally friendly as well. As a result, with the help of my other company members, we decided on the company ‘LIVE’ which manufactures and sells leather bracelets embossed with inspirational quotes, encouraging teenagers to live in a more active and healthy way.

Using offcuts of leather, (which are eco-friendly as they’d otherwise have gone to waste) we have produced 200 bracelets. Our leather is donated from high quality brands, such as Aston Martin, Ettinger and Trickers. These fashionable unisex bracelets are made from genuine leather sourced from well-known British companies.

Visit their website and facebook page for more info and updates.