NCS in Croydon

Make this the best summer of your life!

Taking part in NCS in Croydon is a way to make this summer a life changing experience. It’s a chance to get out of Central, and into the great outdoors. An NCS summer in Croydon isn’t just about building new friendships and unique activities though – it’s also a chance to learn new skills and build your CV at the same time.

NCS is divided into three parts:

  • In Week 1, you will stay in group accommodation, build your confidence and face your fears by taking on your own Personal Challenge. You could try your hand at abseiling, rafting, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and more. Meeting new people along the way!
  • In Week 2, experience independent living whilst learning new skills in creative communication and enterprise with an industry professional. Get involved for your chance to apply your skills with a local charity or organisation to discover what you’re made of!
  • During week 3, you return home to use your new skills to design a local social action project and make your mark in your local community! You’ll pitch your idea to a panel of judges to gain expert advice to turn your project into reality. Your actions can have a big impact: Be The Change!

By taking part in NCS this summer, you can get out of Croydon and into a host of new opportunities. The experience gained with NCS is recognised by employers and universities, and the confidence you gain making new friends and challenging yourself can’t be found anywhere else.