NCS in Croydon

Make this the best summer of your life!

Taking part in NCS in Croydon is a way to make this summer a life changing experience. It’s a chance to get out of Central, and into the great outdoors. An NCS summer in Croydon isn’t just about building new friendships and unique activities though – it’s also a chance to learn new skills and build your CV at the same time.

NCS is divided into three parts:

  • In Week 1, young people normally travel to the countryside for a week of getting to know their new team. You could take part in camping, hiking, archery, kayaking, rock-climbing and loads more. The first week is a way to get involved in the great outdoors and build your team.
  • Week 2 sees you living away from home, in London university halls, or somewhere similar. Living independently is a great way to grow your confidence and get a head start on life after school. During this week you plan a project to execute in your local community with your team.
  • During week 3 you pitch your project to local leaders like Tom Brake MP before putting it into action; Making connections, making money for your cause, and making your mark in your community. This is amazing CV experience and looks fantastic on any personal statement.

By taking part in NCS this summer, you can get out of Croydon and into a host of new opportunities. The experience gained with NCS is recognised by employers and universities, and the confidence you gain making new friends and challenging yourself can’t be found anywhere else.